Restructurning & Insolvency proceedings

Due to his prior experience in major Italian and international law firms in the insolvency and restructuring department, Mr. Abbondi dealt with the restructuring of well renewed industrial groups, both national and international. He also regularly confronts with transaction concerning insolvent or potentially insolvent companies, providing to the clients an innovative expertise of the insolvency procedures, in light of the newly reformed insolvency code.

At present, the advising activity is targeted mainly toward smaller – but sometimes equally complex – transaction related to those medium-size companies that represent the structure of the Italian industry.

The assistance is directed to companies dealing with several aspects of the present economic crisis as well as individuals, with a particular focus on companies or debt restructuring interventions, acquisition, transfer, or leasing of going concerns or shares, in order to face or solve insolvency situations both in the pre-insolvency stage or during the ongoing bankruptcy procedure.

The assistance is also directed to commercial enterprises and entrepreneurs, during the stage of the evaluation, drafting, filing and execution of the recovery plans, the restructuring agreements or composition with the creditors.

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