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In the above-mentioned fields, due to the strongly bounded relations with the firm's clients, the expert advice of the team also concern the management of complex demands related to the planning and protection of company assets, families or wealthy individuals, conjuring up, in a brand new original way, the different areas of expertise of the firm (legal, finance and tax) and harmonizing the activity of the several professionals assisting the clients.

The presence of family-controlled joint stocks – even of relevant dimensions – typical of our economic system, imposes a particular attention to the topic of the relations between the company partners, along with the support of financial institutions and highly qualified professionals, in order to guarantee a correct management of the company.

In this context, the clients assistance is focused, among other things, on the evaluation and identification of the more efficient system in order to ensure the proper functioning of the company during the its restructuring or transition of the ownership/control to one generation to the next.

Moreover, the complementarity of the different, yet integrated, competences of the team, along with the continuous contacts with the industrial and financial representatives, allow the development of interesting transaction of medium or long-term investment – often in the area of the restructuring and reorganization of a company – with the added value of high competences, innovation and commercial imagination, in those situations when clients, both in Italy and abroad – due to the present market conditions – do not find a suitable advisor to their needs.

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